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  2. Staff Application Guide and Template Introduction Hey there, for anyone who doesn't know me my name is c0nniie and I'm going to attempt to walk you through the application process and fill you in on what we are looking for and how to catch our attention with your application. ** For those just looking for the application template you can find it at the bottom of the thread... However I urge you to stay as you ** never know what useful info you may find here that will help you with the application process. Things To Keep In Mind So here you are ready to write up an application but first there are some things you should remember before you even attempt to answer any questions and since I'm such a nice person I'm going to tell you what they are so that your applications aren't instantly thrown aside into the garbage. Be Truthful To Yourself And Us Ok so I am going to get the most important bit of advice out the way first and although it may seem obvious we have had many people who have tried to lie in their application to make them look like a better candidate. I know it is tempting to say things in order to make yourself look better however if you get caught which I can guarantee you will then your chance at getting in is over and if you do somehow manage to get in you will just end up feeling constantly guilty and on edge. Example So lets say that at some point in the past you were abusive to a staff member that is no longer here today, and got banned for it. Your initial instinct would be to say, "I have never been banned on any servers". However this is a very bad idea and you won't feel good about doing it plus you are missing out on a great opportunity to sell yourself to us. Instead use this past punishment to explain how it helped with your personal growth in decision making and responsibility. You could also ask other players to be your references and they can explain how you have changed if we end up asking them. In short it is 100% better to be truthful in your application as we will most certainly welcome people who have made past mistakes as long as we know they are not still stuck in that same previous mindset which will be obvious to us depending on whether they decide to tell the truth or not. Always Aim For Quality Next up is to always make sure you are going for quality even if that means you are giving less in quantity. It seems to be a common myth that if you write massive paragraphs in your application that we will think you are great and just accept you however that couldn't be any further from the truth. Writing long paragraphs where you just restate the same thing over and over again is reason enough for your application to get denied so making your answers short and sweet whilst focusing on putting in quality information will get you much further. Staff have many applications to go through and they probably won't appreciate it if they have to spend half an hour going through yours just to read the same stuff but worded a little differently. Proof Read Your Application I'll make this last one short. Make sure that you read over what you have wrote before you post it because the last thing you want to see is that your application got denied because you spelt something wrong a hundred times. The easiest way to do this would be to copy and paste your application into a word document and use spell check to make sure everything is correct and then after that make sure that you check your grammar is somewhat acceptable as it makes the application so much easier to read and gives you a better rep with the staff. What We Are Looking For Our application process for staff is relatively forgiving in the sense that there is a question template so you already know all the topics we want you to cover. This allows us to compare applicants easier as they all answer the same criteria however it doesn't mean that it will be any easier for you to get in as some will put more effort into these questions than others. I will paste the template below and then share what we look for below each of the questions. What is your in-game name? Very basic question just give us your current minecraft name. How old are you? Also a basic question, we just want to know as much about you as we can. What country are you currently living in? Simple. Tell the truth. What timezone do you live in? This just gives us a rough idea of the times you would likely be on the server. To find out your timezone go to and enter the name of the city you stay in. What language(s) can you speak? We are an English speaking server so that is the only language that is required however we like to know if people can speak other languages as they can come in handy at times. Do you own a microphone? Whilst we don't expect you to only do things through voice chat we expect all staff to have mics for things such as staff meetings etc. Do you have Discord? We have a discord server for all members and staff. This is what we will be using for staff meetings and stuff so it is required, but it also serves as a social link for members and a way for us to inform them of upcoming updates. Why have you decided to apply for staff ? This question isn't as daunting as it sounds, all we are looking for is a simple answer. We want to know what made you say to yourself "Do you know what I'm going to apply to become a staff member" so just make it short and sweet. Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for our staff team? This is where things get harder and a lot of people tend to choke when they get to this point. What you need to remember is this is an open question, meaning there is no right or wrong way to answer it however just remember not to write paragraphs upon paragraphs of the same information. To make things easier try imagining that you were running a business and ask yourself what you would look for in your employees and if you have any of those qualities then put them in just don't forget to be truthful. As a final tip you could put in any real life experiences and achievements that show off specific skills and qualities that could benefit us, remember you are trying to sell yourself as the best candidate so bragging about what you have achieved is perfectly fine as long as you don't try to belittle people. How long have you been playing RisingShadow? A lot of people seem to get confused over this question so let me clarify something. We are not looking for a specific date because nobody that has played for a long time can remember that and if you just make one up nobody will believe you so keep it simple and give a rough time like: "a couple of years" or "a couple of weeks" etc. Have you ever been banned or punished in the past? Remember what I stated earlier on: don't lie. Plenty of nice people can get banned for any reason and we won't hold past experiences against you if you can show that you have changed. Being honest and admitting that you have been banned will show that you have grown in maturity and staff may trust you more. Do you have any previous experience in moderating a community/server? This question isn't really as important as people think. There are a lot of people who are qualified to be staff that have had no past experience so don't sweat it if you are one of them. However just to let you know saying you were staff on a friend's server that was up for about a month doesn't count... sorry. Is there anything else which you would like to add? If there is anything else that you really wanted to say that you thought didn't fit the criteria of the questions above then put it here. A Couple Words To Finish Unfortunately we don't have unlimited staff positions so a lot of people won't be accepted but don't worry too much if you stick to what you are doing you can still make a good name for yourself within the community which may just get you on a staff members radar. My last bit of advice to all the applicants is: Don't get mad if you don't make it in (this just means you won't get another shot at it), please don't blame the application process if you don't get in (It's made this way for a reason), Learn from the experience (If you don't get in figure out why, learn from it, then try again) I hope this proved useful to some of you and I wish you all the best of luck. I look forward to reading all of your applications. c0nniie xx
  3. RisingShadowsMC - Mods Allowed / Not Allowed Mods that are not allowed: Hacked Client Disallowed - The usage of this is disallowed, even if you are not using any of the hacks on it Scripts Disallowed - Using a script to move automatically, for instance moving from left to right without you being there, Also a script for automatically using commands like /fix /eat /feed, etc SmartMoveMod Disallowed - Enhances your movement Anti-AFK Mods Disallowed - Makes it so that you never go AFK. Auto-reconnect is quite similar to this and is disallowed on all servers except Factions and Skyblock Chaos Macros Disallowed. This includes the use of mouse weights, tape, etc. to perform functions for you while you are AFK. - Anything ranging from /feed and /fix macros to movement macros. Also, any type of custom macro that comes with your mouse is disallowed. World Downloader Mod Disallowed TNT Detector Mod Disallowed - Notifies you when TNT is being set off in a specific range. Reach Spoofer Mod Disallowed - Spoofs the reach distance. Inventory Tweaks Mod Disallowed - Automatically replaces your tools, which is basically Autotool. Autotool Disallowed - Can bring potions into your Hotbar, which is the same as autopotting or autosouping. Auto-Switcher Mod Disallowed - Automatically switches to the correct tool needed. Fancy Chat Disallowed - This falls under the hacked client section. X-Ray Disallowed - This includes texture packs that allow you to look through blocks Printer Disallowed Autoclicker Disallowed - This includes changing attack key in version 1.14 to make it hit automatically as well as the "F11 Trick" Pathfinder Disallowed Minebot Disallowed Mods that are allowed: Minimap Allowed - Only if you disable players due to PvPing Badlion Client Allowed 5zig Allowed - Make sure to not use the macros Pvplounge Client Allowed OCMC Allowed Zonix Client Allowed Laby Mod Allowed Hyperium Allowed Forge Allowed Cosmic Client Allowed Lunar Client Allowed Optifine Allowed Status HUD Allowed - Shows potion effects. CPS Mod Allowed Shows your click speed. OldAnimationsMod Allowed - Allows you to block hit on 1.8 like 1.7. KeystrokesMod Allowed - Shows your W A S D, and sometimes spacebar, keys on-screen. MouseDelayFixMod Allowed - Fixes Mouse delay. BspkrsCore Allowed ArmorHUD Allowed - Shows the durability of your armor. GUI Blur Mod Allowed - Blurs the background when you open your inventory. TCPNoDelayMod Allowed - Gives you a better connection. Toggle Sneak/Sprint Allowed - Allows you to toggle your sprint or sneak. FPS Mod Allowed - Displays your FPS. FPS Spoofer Mod Allowed - Spoofs your FPS. Direction HUD Allowed - Displays the direction that you are looking Knockback Display Mod Allowed - Displays the amount of knockback taken Combo Counter Display Mod Allowed - Shows the combo you are getting on a player. TabbyChat/Fast Chat Allowed - Makes chat look nicer. Shiny Pots Allowed - Makes your pots shine. Batty Coords Mod Allowed - (Shows your coordinates. DJTasty Mod Allowed - Makes it seem like you have a Minecon cape that only you can see. Player API Allowed - Needed for togglesprint/sneak. Shaders Allowed Saturation Display Allowed - Shows when you will need to eat. Pearl timer Allowed - Shows when you can throw a pearl again. *This depends on the server you are on since some servers have a different cooldown on Pearls* Cheatbreaker Perspective Mod Allowed - Allows you to change your perspective, just like in Cheatbreaker TeamSpeak Mod Allowed - Shows you who is talking in TeamSpeak. Discord Mod Allowed - Shows you who is talking in Discord. Reach Display Mod Allowed - Shows the reach you are getting while hitting another player. Chatlog Mod Allowed Schematica Allowed - Printer mode is not allowed. Litematica Allowed - Basically schematica, but different name. “Easyplacetoggle” mode is not allowed MotionBlur Allowed - Blurs your screen when moving your mouse. Spotify Mod Allowed - Shows what song you are playing on Spotify. Reach Circles Allowed - Shows a 3 block circle around you. DayNight Mod Allowed - Allows you to choose between it appearing to be day or night. Scoreboard Mod Allowed - Allows you to remove scoreboards on your screen. Bossbar Mod Allowed - Allows you to remove bossbars on your screen. Ping Mod Allowed - Shows the ping above an enemy, or shows your ping. Chunk Borders Allowed - Shows the borders of the chunks that you are in. Hotbar Mod Allowed - Shows information about FPS, Name, Date, Ping in a Hotbar form. Custom Block Overlay Allowed - Creates an individual outline and overlay of the current focused block. LabyInstagram Allowed - Shows any user's Instagram follower count. This is a feature on the Laby Mod ACC. Voice Chat Allowed - Allows you to use voice chat while in-game. ChatTranslator Allowed - Allows you to translate messages to your language Resource Pack Mod Allowed - Makes it so that you can choose from a plethora of texture packs, without having to download them from the internet CustomCrosshair Mod Allowed - Allows you to make your own custom crosshair. Better Hat Mod Allowed - Shows the second layer of your skin in 3d art. Skin Changer Allowed - Makes it so that, only only on your screen, you can change your player's skin in-game. ChatTime Mod Allowed - This displays the current time before messages in chat. AntiRage Mod Allowed - Adds a chat filter, protects you from mutes/bans. FastJoin Allowed - Allows you to join recent servers or switch servers faster and easier Better FOV Control Allowed - Allows you to optimize your FOV. BetterScreenshot Mod Allowed - Screenshots taken are turned into imgur links. Glint Colorizer Allowed - Changes the enchant glint on enchanted items to a color of your choosing. LabyTwitter Allowed - Shows twitter follower count of any user. ItemPhysics Allowed - Items and blocks will rotate around their axis when dropped. Health Indicators Allowed - Shows the health of other players Damage Indicators Allowed - Shows the amount of damage you do to other players. Particles Mod Allowed - Shows more particles than there are.
  4. RisingShadowsMC | Server Rules Modifications There are more information about what modifications you can have if you click the following link. Click Here. Advertising You are allowed to advertise any type of media related to RisingShadowsMC. You are not allowed to advertise anything what isnt related to RisingShadowsMC. Abusing Bugs You are allowed to abuse any bugs if you are recordings/reporting it to a member of staff! You are not allowed to abuse bugs that you are knowingly and willing to abuse for you own benefits! Scamming You are not allowed to scam players related in game or in real life! In Real Life Deals You are not allowed to sell Minecraft accounts also you are not allowed to sell In Game Items or Currency for outside currency such as Paypal Advoiding Bans You are not allowed to use a alternate account to evade any type of ban! It is your responsiblity to ensure that your account is not banned! Especially if you are using a public or generated alts. Advoiding Mute You are not allowed to use a alternate account to evade any type of mutes! It is your responsiblity to ensure that your account is not muted! Abuse of HelpOP You are not allowed to use /helpop in any manner than if you are requesting for help. Do not use it if you need In game benefits. Impersonation You are not allowed to impersonate other players of staff. Harassment You are not allowed to harass or annoy other players or staff. Donator Abuse You are not allowed to use commands such as /fly, /god, /heal, etc. in a PvP combat! Lag Machines You are not allowed to make any type of Machine which makes the server lag. Lying to Staff You are not allowed to lie to staff. Inappropriate Builds You are not allowed to build anything would be considered 18+ or highly offensive! Inappropriate Name You are not allowed to have your name that would be considered to 18+ or highly offensive. Inappropriate Item Names You are not allowed to have your name your item that would be considered to 18+ or highly offensive. Refusal to Screenshare You are not allowed to refuse to screenshare Chargebacks You are not allowed to open, or threaten to open, dispute on a store purchase. If necessary, create a ticket on the forums here. Spam Commands You are allowed to spam commands if the command only affects only yourself! You are not allowed to spam commands that affects others. Spamming. Character Spam, Overusing of Capital Letters You are allowed to break this rule only if there is something majorly happening which could break the server which needs urgent staff members attention, How ever you can use /helpop You are not allowed to spam chat, spam characters or overusing capital letters. Discord Link You are allowed to send the official RisingShadows Discord link in the chat. You are not allowed to send any other link which isnt connected to RisingShadows Discord. Malicious Links You are not allowed to send any links that would be considered 18+ or a malicious! Privacy Violations You are not allowed to send, threaten to send, any personal information about yourself or another player DDoS Threats You are not allowed to threathen players to DDoS another player or the server. Inappropriate Chat You are not allowed to discuss anything that would be consided inappropriate such as Drugs, Illegal Activities, etc. Threatehm Legal Actions You are not allowed to threathen the server or another player with legal actions Griefing You are allowed to grief any builds which are in the Wilderness You are not allowed to grief anything in claimed land. Teleport Killing You are not allowed to TP trap or TP kill other players.
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